Security Services Settings

The Security Services Settings section provides the following options for fine-tuning SonicWall security services:

Security Services Settings - This drop-down menu specifies whether SonicWall security services are applied to maximize security or to maximize performance:
Maximum Security (Recommended) - Inspect all content with any threat probability (high/medium/low). For additional performance capacity in this maximum security setting, utilize SonicOS Clustering.
Performance Optimized - Inspect all content with a high or medium threat probability. Consider this performance optimized security setting for bandwidth or CPU intensive gateway deployments or utilize SonicOS DPI Clustering.

The Maximum Security setting provides maximum protection. The Performance Optimized setting utilizes knowledge of the currently known threats to provide high protection against active threats in the threat landscape.

Reduce Anti-Virus traffic for ISDN connections - Select this feature to enable the SonicWall Anti-Virus to check only once a day (every 24 hours) for updates and reduce the frequency of outbound traffic for users who do not have an “always on” Internet connection.
Drop all packets while IPS, GAV and Anti-Spyware database is reloading - Select this option to instruct the SonicWall security appliance to drop all packets whenever the IPS, GAV, and Anti-Sypware database is updating.
HTTP Clientless Notification Timeout for Gateway AntiVirus and AntiSpyware - Set the timeout duration, in seconds, after which the SonicWall security appliance notifies users when GAV or Anti-Spyware detects an incoming threat from an HTTP server. The default timeout is one day (86400 seconds), the minimum time is 10 seconds, and the maximum time is 2147483647 seconds .