Policy Configuration : Configuring Wireless Guest Services Settings

Configuring Wireless Guest Services Settings
This section describes how to configure wireless settings for Wireless Guest Services.
To do this, complete the following steps:
In the center pane, navigate to WGS > Settings. The Settings page displays.
Check Bypass Guest Authentication to allow a SonicPoint running WGS to integrate into environments which are already using some form of user-level authentication. This feature automates the WGS authentication process, allowing wireless users to reach WGS resources without requiring authentication.
Check Bypass Filters for Guest Accounts to disable filtering for guest accounts.
Check Dynamic Address Translation (DAT) to enable DAT. This option saves wireless clients the hassle of reconfiguring their IP address and network settings. If this option is disabled (un-checked), wireless guest users must either have DHCP enabled, or an IP addressing scheme compatible with the SonicPoint’s network settings.
Check Enable SMTP Redirect and enter the following information:
Server IP—enter an SMTP Server IP address to which to redirect SMTP traffic incoming on this zone.
Server Port—enter the port number for SMTP traffic on the Server. This is available at the group and global level, and for units running SonicOS Standard 3.8 and above. The default is port is 25.
Check Custom Post Authentication Redirect page and enter a URL to redirect wireless guests to a custom page after successful login.
To add a new guest, click Add New Wireless Guest. Refer to Adding a Guest .
When you are finished, click Update. The settings are changed for the selected SonicWALL appliance. To clear all screen settings and start over, click Reset.