System : System > Schedules

System > Schedules
The System > Schedules page allows you to create and manage schedule objects for enforcing schedule times for a variety of Dell SonicWALL Security Appliance features.
The Schedules table displays all your predefined and custom schedules. In the Schedules table, there are three default schedules: Work Hours, After Hours, and Weekend Hours. You can modify these schedules by clicking on the Edit icon in the Configure column to display the Edit Schedule window.
NOTE: You cannot delete the default Work Hours, After Hours, or Weekend Hours schedules.
You apply schedule objects for the specific security feature. For example, if you add an access rule in the Firewall > Access Rules page, the Add Rule window provides a drop down menu of all the available schedule objects you created in the System > Schedules page.
A schedule can include multiple day and time increments for rule enforcement with a single schedule. If a schedule includes multiple day and time entries, a right-arrow button appears next to the schedule name. Clicking the Expand icon expands the schedule to display all the day and time entries for the schedule.