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Configuring Microsoft Windows L2TP VPN Client Access
This section provides a configuration example for enabling L2TP client access to the WAN GroupVPN SA using the built-in L2TP Server and Microsoft's L2TP VPN Client.
To enable Microsoft L2TP VPN Client access to the WAN GroupVPN SA, perform the following steps:
Navigate to the VPN > Settings page. For the WAN GroupVPN policy, click the configure icon button.
For the General tab, select IKE using Preshared Secret from the Authentication Method drop-down menu. Enter a shared secret passphrase to complete the client policy configuration. And click the OK button.
Navigate to the VPN > L2TP Server page. In the L2TP Server Settings section, click the Enable the L2TP Server checkbox. And click the Configure button. The L2TP Server Settings configuration page displays.
Navigate to the Users > Local Users page. Click the Add User button.
Click OK.
NOTE: By editing the Firewall > Access Rules for the VPN LAN zone or another VPN zone, you can restrict network access for L2TP clients. To locate a rule to edit, select the All Rules view of the Access Rules table and look at the Source column. The address object in the Source column of applicable rows displays "L2TP IP Pool".
Verify your Microsoft Windows L2TP VPN device is connected by navigating to the VPN > Settings page. The VPN client is displayed in the Currently Active VPN Tunnels section.